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Bungalows Tariffe (2019) / settimana

01/05 al 26/07/2019
31/08 al 30/09/2019
27/07 al 30/08/2019
Capitello, 1-2 persone (1 camera) 539 €644 €
Capitello,2 persone (2 camere) 609 €714 €
Capitello 3-4 persone (2 camere) 728 €833 €
Melo, 1-2 persone 504 €735 €
Melo, 3-4 persone 592 €735 €
Melo, 5-6 persone 672 €910 €
Taxe de Séjour 0.20 €0.20 €
Taxe additionnelle à la Taxe de séjour 0.02 €0.02 €

Capitello Prezzi Bassa Stagione

Periodo2 Notti3 Notti4 Notti5 Notti6 Notti7 Notti
Capitello, 1-2 persone (1 camera) Basse 154 €231 €308 €385 €462 €539 €
Capitello, 2 persone (2 camere) Basse 174 €261 €348 €435 €522 €609 €
Capitello, 3-4 persone (2 camere) Basse208 €312 €416 €520 €624 €728 €

* Bassa stagione: dal 01.05 al 26.07.2019 e 31.08 alle 30.09.2019

MELO Pressi Bassa Stagione

Periodo2 Notti3 Notti4 Notti5 Notti6 Notti7 Notti
Melo 1-2 persone Basse144 €216 €288 €360 €432 €504 €
Melo 3-4 persone Basse 168 €252 €336 €420 €504 €592 €
Melo 5-6 persone Basse 192 €288 €384 €480 €576 €672 €

* Bassa stagione: dal 01.05 al 26.07.2019 e 31.08 alle 30.09.2019


•Reservation becomes effective upon receipt of your down payment.
•Down payment is equal to 50 % of the amount of the hiring + €20 for expenses.
•The balance remaining must be paid upon your arrival (cash or french cheque), concurrently with the handing over of the key.
•Domestic animals are not allowed inside the bungalows.
•The fact of bringing an animal in spite of the prohibition is regarded as a breach of the contract; the hiring will not be executed and the stay will be due.
•€200 for guarantee will be requested upon your arrival (cash or French cheque).
•€50 for cleaning caution will be requested upon your arrival (cash or French cheque).
•Any degradation, voluntary or accidental of the country cottage or any furniture will be deducted from the guarantee.
•For any broken or missing objects the renter reserves the right to keep the guarantee, to make repairs, to replace the damaged or missing objects, then to give to the tenant the supporting documents (invoices) as well as the guarantee cut back by the amount of the repairs.
•Towels are not provided.
•Bungalows are equipped with summer/winter air conditioning/heating.
•In the high season hiring is done per week. For shifted arrivals and anticipated departures the whole week is charged and no refunding will be done.
•Arrivals will take place the first day of the hiring starting from 5pm to 7pm. In case of late arrival it is necessary to inform the hirer the day before arrival, before 9pm.
•Departures will take place the last day of the hiring before 10am.
•Bungalows must be returned once dishes have been washed and household carried out. If not, an amount of €50 will be kept from the guarantee to return the bungalow to the same state as it was on the first day of the hiring.
•For departures before 8am, tenants will have to leave the key at a place indicated by the receptionist. International camping cards or other identity papers will have to be withdrawn at the reception area the day before departure.
•In case of cancellation the down payment will only be refunded completely if the cancellation is done at least 2 months before the date of the first day of the stay. It will have to be notified to the hirer out with a registered letter with acknowledge of receipt. In all cases the expenses of opening a file remain.
•In case of any litigation, the commercial court of Bastia will be the only court entitled to decide. In case of any litigation, French is reference langage.

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